Short Stories & Poems

“Go Outside” – Abyss & Apex MagazineRead (Free)

“This Door is Locked” – Time Travel: Short Stories Anthology Read (Free) / Buy

“The Barghest’s Revenge” – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly … Read (Free)

“The Swell” – Trigger Warning Short Fictionwith Pictures Read (Free)

“Gene Catcher” – Ancient Enemies Anthology … Read (Free)Buy

“Russian Roulette” – Bumps in the Road Anthology … Read (Free)Buy

“The Offering” – Trigger Warning Short Fiction with Pictures … Read (Free)

“The Girl in the Blue Dress” – NonLocal Science Fiction #4 … Read (free)Buy

“Death Comes for the Pickup Artist” – Sirens Call #23 … Read (Free) / Buy

“Twenty-Four and a Bottle of Rye” – Sanitarium Magazine #20 … Read (Free) / Buy

“I Miss You” – Vine Leaves Literary Journal … Read (Free)Buy

“April 29” …Read (Free)

“Covfefe” … Read (Free)



Urban Decay and Resurrection in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter … Read

The Medieval Market At The Heart of Southern Poland … Read

Krakow’s Cloth Hall, The Beautiful Baroque Juggernaut … Read

Krakow’s Barbican, Last Remains of the City’s Medieval Defenses … Read

The New Cemetery, A Place to Pay Respect to the Past … Read

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