Some secrets should stay buried…

College student Drew Brady never wanted the power to spy on his friends. But late one night, he finds a box of old Polaroids buried under his house that can change to show him whatever he desires, and Drew finds himself with the power to watch the people around him without them ever knowing.

Yet as Drew falls deeper into the rabbit hole of jealousy and despair, he begins having strange visions of the students who lived at the house 20 years ago and the gruesome fates they met after moving out. He finds evidence of a stalker who may be living on the property. The line between reality and nightmare blurs. Drew realizes there is something under the house that is manipulating him through the pictures, an eldritch, not-quite-dead thing that will drive him to do unspeakable evil if he doesn’t look away….

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Corruption (The Corruption Cycle #1)
A young man running from his past.
A city shrouded in dark magic.
A girl with the key to a nightmarish otherworld…
Daniel Harper was champion, until a tragic mistake ended his martial arts career. With no future to call his own, he flees to Eastern Europe, where he can start over–where he can be someone else. But in that ancient, mystical land, Daniel meets two people who will change his life forever: the beautiful but troubled flower girl Kashka, and the enigmatic street magician Ink. As Daniel plummets into a vodka-drenched downward spiral, he begins having macabre visions of a distant world known only as the Night Country, a frozen wasteland in endless darkness where an evil tyrant has stolen the sun, and Visitors inhabit the bodies of the recently deceased…





The Lich: Or, the Confessions of a Witch-King 

They called me the Coffin King. I was the hero who slew the Lich and returned the Crown of Whispers to the Empire. The man of the people who rose to become emperor, only to fall again to a conspirator’s blade. The cursed one. The creature of darkness, doomed to wander these shadowed halls for years uncounted. I am the monster the stories warned you about. I am the Lich.

But you already knew all this, didn’t you? Now please, come a little bit closer…

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Short Stories

“Go Outside” – Abyss & Apex Magazine(Coming Soon)

“This Door is Locked” – Time Travel Short Stories Anthology (Pre-order)

“The Swell” – Trigger Warning Short Fiction with Pictures Read (Free)

“Gene Catcher” – Ancient Enemies Anthology … Read (Free)Buy

“Russian Roulette” – Bumps in the Road Anthology … Read (Free)Buy

“The Offering” – Trigger Warning Short Fiction with Pictures … Read (Free)

“The Girl in the Blue Dress” – NonLocal Science Fiction #4 … Read (free)Buy

“Death Comes for the Pickup Artist” – Sirens Call #23 … Read (Free) / Buy

“Twenty-Four and a Bottle of Rye” – Sanitarium Magazine #20 … Read (Free) / Buy

“I Miss You” – Vine Leaves Literary Journal … Read (Free)Buy



Urban Decay and Resurrection in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter … Read

The Medieval Market At The Heart of Southern Poland … Read

Krakow’s Cloth Hall, The Beautiful Baroque Juggernaut … Read

Krakow’s Barbican, Last Remains of the City’s Medieval Defenses … Read

The New Cemetery, A Place to Pay Respect to the Past … Read


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