Somewhere in Sonoma County, 2022

I’m an indie author of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, as well as a senior content designer in the video game industry. Adam Vine is my pen name. Why go with a pen name, you ask? Simple. There’s already an author with my real name who was pretty famous – not to mention a Major League Baseball player who got a DUI a few years back – and I didn’t want to have a Google problem.

I started traveling for work when I was twenty-five. My first overseas trip was to Krakow, Poland. I loved it so much I ended up staying for almost three years. I’ve also had stints in Finland and Germany. I currently live in Northern California with my wife and dog.

On the rare occasions when I’m not writing or working, I am traveling or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


A Book and a Latte

Getting Personal With Adam Vine: Roadie Notes

With Author Sharon Anderson

The Bloody Bookish: Hidden Gems on Inkshares

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