Need beta readers for my next novel – a dark fantasy set in Eastern Europe

Hey folks. Been a while. This will be a short post so you can get right back to posting mean things about the election, burning through the new Liu Cixin book, fanning yourself with a dried-out bat wing, or whatever the hell else you were doing.

My second novel, Corruption, is nearing the finish line. I’ve written three drafts and I am ready to show it to other people. I’ve already sent out a few copies to folks, and am looking for a few more. Being a beta reader doesn’t entail much, just that you read the story, ignore any typos and errors you find, and shoot me a note with your general feedback when you’re finished.

That’s it.

The elevator pitch for the book is: A dark, vodka-drenched Wizard of Oz meets The Inferno set in Eastern Europe. May or may not contain sex and time-traveling sorcerers.

Corruption hasn’t been professionally edited yet, so if a few errors don’t bother you, hey, it’s a free book. But if reading eyesores like and and or shit instead of shirt really drive you up the wall, maybe just wait for the full release.

Comment below or email me to sign up. I’ll send the book out to anyone who wants it, but will probably cap this beta at around ten readers. Don’t snooze!

My First Pro Sale



Hey, ho, ho!

2015 was a productive year for me. On top of finishing and selling my first novel, I sold six pieces of short fiction to various token and semi-pro paying markets. This came after six years of fruitlessly submitting and racking up over 100 rejections. The only thing I’d published prior to 2015 outside of my work in games, which mostly consists of stories about pirates, was my horror story Twenty-Four and a Bottle of Rye, which I sold to Sanitarium Magazine for contributor’s copies.

While all of that felt pretty good, and it is endlessly rewarding to see your own name emblazoned over killer artwork on the cover of a real, physical book or on the banner of an online magazine, today I hit an even bigger milestone – I made my first pro sale. My short story “Go Outside” will appear in Abyss & Apex sometime in 2017 (things move slow in the world of publishing).

A&A is a pro-paying, SFWA-qualifying market. For posterity’s sake, the story that made it was my third submission to them. I had previously submitted my dark fantasy/vaguely Ernest Clinean/”Camus’ The Fall in an underground labyrinth” novellette The Lich to them, which they rejected, but was picked up later by the horror anthology Ancient Enemiesas well as a poem.

Anyway, it’s time for a celebration.

Thanks for coming along, men.


Fiction: The Girl in the Blue Dress


My new story, “The Girl in the Blue Dress” is out today in this month’s issue of NonLocal Science Fiction! Here’s the blurb:

A mysterious stranger in a blue dress can be found in the crowds surrounding nearly every great disaster in human history. What is she doing, and what does she want?

Check it out here.