Looking for beta readers for my next novel

My next novel, a standalone horror story about a lost town in the desert tentatively titled The Drying, is currently in the motions of editing and revision. No, that is not the cover. I made that cover in Canva in five minutes. I don’t have a cover yet or a professional editor. I’m still undecided on whether I want to seek traditional representation for this one, or self-publish.

This is my third full-length novel. It is much closer to Lurk than it is to Corruption in style and content. The characters are less unlikable than my last books, which is a big departure for me, since I usually write about assholes. This story is an homage to the survival horror games I played growing up, and is heavily influenced by them – most obviously Silent Hill. But there are some other tasty mixers. There’s a little bit of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, and Stephen King’s Desperation/The Regulators. Maybe even a pinch of the Tremors movies, too.

This will not be the next great American novel. I doubt it will be the next great anything. But it’s a little fun, and if you dug Lurk, you will probably dig this one, too.

What I need:

  • someone who will read the story in its second draft form and offer ideas about how to make it better.
  • someone who likes and reads horror.
  • someone who is patient and can look past occasional rough bits of dialog and typos.
  • someone with a sense of humor.

Jesus, this is starting to feel like I’m writing an online dating bio, so I should probably stop there. If you think helping an indie author craft his next story sounds like a good time, smash me a message on that contact page.