New Fiction This Week

A small update: after four years off from publishing any new fiction, I have two stories out this week.

First up is “The Nobody Book,” which is out now in the most recent Night Terrors anthology from Scare Street. It is about a girl who gets lost in the library after dark, loosely based on the Petaluma Public Library, which I spent a lot of time in growing up.

You can read it here.

The second new story is “The Epicurean,” which as of yesterday is up at The Pixelated Shroud. It is about a man suffering from Cotard’s Syndrome. Don’t Google that unless you want spoilers.

You can read it here.

*For a more general update…*

My “years off” weren’t really years off.

I had several major, back-to-back transitions in my personal life that prevented me from feeling like I could give my full time and focus to writing fiction: moving back to the USA from my life abroad, taking care of a sick father, his death, my grandmother’s death, my aunt’s death, bartending and freelancing to make ends meet, getting married, getting a senior-level Real Job™ where I get to work on some big IPs I have loved since I was a kid.

With every transition, grief follows. Time is lost. So is a piece of you. Even so. Over the last few years, I still finished two novels, a screenplay, and around two dozen short stories. The two “new” stories mentioned in this post, for example, are both many years old at this point. It took me a while to feel like I was ready to share any of this stuff. But, I ain’t getting any younger, so…

More updates soon.