Something Different (An Invitation)

I’ve worked on all types of stories, and with all sizes of teams; from AAA projects in game design where my team was 100+ people, to Lurk and Corruption, where my team sizes  were around five; to my short fiction, where my team is basically just me and whoever decides to publish my shit.

For my next story, I want to do something different. No, it’s not the sequel to Corruption. That’s coming sometime next year, and is tentatively titled Virtue. I’m happy with the draft so far, though it is very early, as in sub-50%. Truth be told, Corruption hasn’t sold very well yet, and despite being out for several months, has yet to get a single review on Amazon. It’s doing slightly better on Audible and Goodreads, but I’d be lying if I said that there is a giant fire under my ass to finish a duology when few readers have even read the first book. I hope that it’s just a slow start, and the book finds its audience, as I’m quite proud of how it turned out. It’s in the SPFBO and won the popular vote for best cover. But… time will tell.

I hate cheating on projects, but I know myself, and the fact I haven’t made much progress on Virtue in the past month or so tells me I need to change gears for a bit.

So, with that, I’ve decided to do something different for my next story. My next novel will be a short one, a standalone horror story of about 100-200 pages that is sort of a mashup of Stephen King’s Desperation and Silent Hill, tentatively titled Sindago. Think a 90’s “town gone wrong” throwback with my own sick twist.

I’m going to publish it as a free serial, one chapter a week, and I want to invite you guys – friends, family, or anyone else reading this – to give your feedback along the way. Read as much as you wish, follow it as long as you want, and if you feel inclined, leave a comment. Your feedback will help shape the story.


So, without further ado… here we go:

Sindago: Chapter One

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