My Second Pro Sale

I just sold my second piece of short speculative fiction at a professional rate (more than six cents USD per word, according to the SFWA). My Escher-inspired time travel story This Door Is Locked will appear in an upcoming science fiction anthology later this year. The publisher has asked me not to discuss specifics yet until all the authors have been notified, but I am pretty stoked so I just wanted to share. One more this year and I can join the guild! 

Before the awkward prom pose.

In other news, I’m in Boston this weekend for GF’s graduation. She graduated cum laude and the newspaper featured her cap for the Star Trek decorations she put on it. I can’t drink alcohol right now because I have a hole inside my mouth from some dumb activities I engaged in at last weekend’s beer fest, which also means I can’t talk much, or play the didgeridoo. So she is celebrating for two. 

Lederhosen, not even once.

I also started writing book two of the Corruption Cycle. Back to the grind…

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