5 thoughts on “‘Corruption’ Paperbacks are here

  1. Adam, where can we get a copy of your new book? We really enjoyed Lurk…got that on Amazon. We are old school and want to have the book in hand…don’t do the e-books. Jeff Wakefield


    1. Hey Jeff- just click the link in the article. Or search “Corruption Adam Vine” on Amazon. Paperback and Kindle are both available. The audiobook is coming in a few months to Audible.


  2. I really REALLY enjoyed Lurk. Currently reading corruption and I can’t get enough of it! You’ve done a wonderful job of weaving together sci-fi and fantasy. The world building is top notch and I find myself wishing more books in this series were already out so I wouldn’t have to leave this amazing universe you have created! With Lurk, you gained a fan. But with Corruption, you have solidified your hold on my imagination! I’ll eagerly await more in this series as well as any other books I can get my hands on.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Kyle! Glad you enjoyed the book. Getting feedback like this from readers is why I write. I also appreciate you taking the time to write a quick review, which is by far the best way to help get the word out! I wish I could say Part 2 is coming soon – next week, or month – but in reality I think this is going to be a long book, probably a bit longer than CORRUPTION, and I want the conclusion to this story to be awesome.


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