Getting personal with Adam Vine

New interview about Lurk, my writing process, and the future of Adam Vine over at RoadieNotes

Roadie Notes

Instead of the normal introduction I’m going to do this one a bit differently! I’m going to open the interview with a blurb of Adams’s new book Lurk. I just finished reading it and must say…..WOW!

There are two sides to every possession…

When depressed college student Drew Brady finds a box of old pictures buried under his house that change to show him whatever he desires, Drew finds himself with the power to watch his friends without them ever knowing.

But as he begins to fall deeper and deeper into the hole of jealousy and despair, haunted by visions of the students who lived at the house twenty years prior and the gruesome fates they met upon moving out, as well as the traces of a stalker who may still be living on the property, Drew begins to suspect there is something under the house that is manipulating…

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