Zakrzowek: Enter if you Dare (but really its fine)

Emily nails it. Zakrzowek is awesome, especially in this ungodly heat. Just need to find that beach.

Emily's Guide to Krakow

Is it really illegal?

So for a few years now I have heard things about Zakrzowek, about it being dangerous, about it being illegal.  I went this winter and it provided beautiful walking trails and view of the distant city, you can easily spot the Main Square attractions from atop the cliffs.  But Ihad no idea how to get to the swimming part (nor did I want to because it was so cold), but if you had to jump from where I was, I could see how people die here, leaving the place with such a bad reputation.

But the heat wave that has recently spread across Europe, gave me inspiration last night, around 8pm, to see if I could figure out how to get to some cold water to take a dip in.  And it turns out, that Zakrzowek may not be illegal anymore.  Or at least parts of it aren’t.

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